Created by a woman keen to offer other women quality beauty treatments in a distinctive setting, RUD brings a special touch of uniqueness to Mansourieh and Rabieh.

Our Story

The finest machines and products in the world come together to make RUD’s beauty treatments truly outstanding. Why settle for something ordinary when you can indulge in everything outstanding for the best prices?

RUD is truly different. The moment you step inside, you will feel like you’ve been transported to Paris or Monaco. With our highly trained, welcoming team and our qualified plastic surgeon, you’re always in good hands. In addition to this exceptional professionalism, RUD has several machines that are not found elsewhere.    

Our vision is to continually introduce carefully selected treatments while maintaining high standards of service and focusing on quality.

Our Concept

RUD is more than a beauty clinic. It’s a spirit that combines colours, music, and aromas. It’s your sanctuary of relaxation. A place envisioned to be your home away from home. Somewhere you’ll love to visit every day. A haven of well-being and distinctive tranquillity. A setting that seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with chic warmth: where raw concrete meets sophisticated simplicity. A space filled with positive energy. And all this is especially for you.